We are excited to inform you that in line with the government announcement Good Vibes Fitness Macquarie Park will be reopening on 11 October at 10 am.

To ensure the safety of all we are committed to operating in compliance with the Public Health Order at all times and ask that as a valued member you do the same and only access the club if you’re fully vaccinated. We have a responsibility to operate at all times under Covid safe plan which includes double vaccination status as a condition of entry.

It is a requirement to keep your proof of vaccination on you at all times when accessing the club. We also may ask you to show us proof at any time and reserve the right to restrict access should you not be fully vaccinated.

Your access fob will be automatically reactivate on 11 October at 10am and your next direct debit will be on the 14th of October. Please contact us by 5 pm 13th October by email if you would like to extend your membership freeze. Mitch.grant@goodvibesfitness.com.au

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